Driving All Night with a Grey Rocket Boost



  What are your choices when you are going to hit the road and drive strait through.  This is obviously not recommended for those that can’t handle staying awake.  With only a few hours sleep I was asked to drive 1,200 miles.  

There was no way to handle this only on coffee and a Red Bull.  I have tried doing the caffeine deal before and found that I crashed hard about halfway through.  I had been taking the Grey Rocket T95’s for a while now and found I got a much longer energy boost without the “caffeine crash”.  I turned to my T950’s to stay alert and the other drivers on the road safe.  I took three capsules as I got started.  I was clear as a bell.  I wasn’t jittery or the slightest bit drowsy.  This was the first time I had tried driving all night with little sleep for a long time.   I am an older guy and the age has caught up with me.  I ended up taking 2 more capsules about eight hours in.  I felt sharp and had no negative effects the next day.  In fact I felt enough energy to spend a little time reading a book after I dropped off my load. I have never been able to do that before. Wow what a product.  I feel like I am 20 years younger!!  Thanks again.


Loyal Customer