Our Mission

To Provide a Healthy Alternative to harmful stimulants while delivering healthy energy boosting products that help people
get more out of their lives.

Greyrocket is a small focused organization that puts the customer first. We find great power in being small.  Small makes us more nimble and much more focused on customers needs.  Greyrocket gets much of its business from loyal repeat customers and word of mouth.  We don’t have the luxury to ignore quality by focusing on mass marketing. 



Greyrocket provides special energy enhancing herbal formulas that provide rapid energy with minimized side affects often found in chemically enhanced stimulants. Our products are designed for the college student that needs that extra boost of energy during exam week or the athlete that needs that extra edge while training.


Our products are derived from South American herbs that have been proven to enhance energy and alertness. Our main active components are Yerba Mate and Guarana. You will notice these herbs in many of your favorite energy drinks in small dosages.



Our products are designed to give you an incredible energy boost. Due to the strength of these products it is recommended that they not be used if you have a heart condition, high blood pressure, pregnant/and or nursing, or in conjunction with other stimulants such as coffee or diet pills.


We founded Greyrocket in 2001 importing a variety of energy products from sources in Asia and South America. 


We at Greyrocket found that with many of the herbal products that we reviewed for sale the products often only had marginal effects and had sub-par herbal content.  We also found that many of the energy products available had overloads of sugar and contained large quantities of refined caffeine and or ephedrine. These products often had a very quick energy pick up that would not last long and would contribute to an “Energy Crash” that left the user more exhausted then prior to taking the energy drink.


With these dismal findings in the energy supplement industry Greyrocket set out to find a product that would give our customers a long and even energy boost without the “Crash”.


Many said that it was hard to innovate with natural herbs.  I think Greyrocket has succeeded in proven but simple innovation with the introduction of our product lines.


In 2004 Greyrocket began to work on our own formula. The first formulation that we brought to market was the Yerba-Energy Plus formula that combined a powerful blend of natural herbs. 


In December 2006 Greyrocket's product range was expanded with our premier product that provides the ultimate energy boost. The T950 was introduced as the ultimate delivery method of key energy herbs. The T950 blend is continuing to prove that the best energy can come from nature. 




The T950 blend is a proven formula that provides a longer energy kick without the crash found from many similar energy products. 




Grey Rocket continues to work with A.D.Btech of Brazil on the best energy herbal products for our customers. 


We use only top quality herbs in our herbal blends in our products that we believe can make all the difference to our customers.



*Our products deliver a higher dosage of the key simulating herbs than found in you average energy drink without the sugar and artificial chemical additives.


*These claims have not been evaluated by the FDA.