The Power of the burn is felt with this proven blend of herbs that help increase your energy and metabolic rate. Grey Rocket Botanicals have taken the energy enhancing power of Yerba Maté and added several herbal compounds to enhance the overall effects. The supplement that adds more punch than most energy drinks without the sugar or processed caffeine.

 Yerba Maté — Provides energy while equalizing blood sugar providing an energy boost without the crash felt by most processed caffeine alternatives.

 Guarana – Increased energy and increased metabolic rate over an extended period of time.  The energy boost from Guarana is much more effective than that of caffeine derived from the coffee bean.


Green Tea - Increased focused energy and metabolic rate.


Ginko Biloba – Reduction in mental fatigue and increased brain metabolism.  Ginko Biloba has been an herb used for centuries to maintain alertness and enhance brain activity.

What our customers are saying:

"This is a truly outstanding product."

Dan , VA

"Noticed the energy boost immediately, best product I have ever tried."

                               Tammy, SC

"10 times better than any other product that I have been able to find as a body builder"

                              Dex, Toronto, ON

"The only product that I would recommend a trainer for my clients"

                             Tom, CA

"Best of the best!! I use it every weekend to get the jump on all the other secret. .Thanks again"

                            Joe, NY

Each bottle contains 60 and 20 Capsules, each 950mg.

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Sample *FREE $1.00

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