Yerba-2- EnergyPlus is produced using a special process developed by the Laboratories of A.D.Btech of South America to maximize the natural energy stimulating  properties of the Herbs without the the use of harmful chemicals.  Can be taken with or without food.

The extract can be added to your favorite juice or tea for a boost of long lasting energy.  Ideal for athletes.

The Yerba-2-ENERGYPLUS™ Extract is  created with a time consuming process  with limited production runs using only the finest ingedients.  Due to the nature of the process and the time we feel that we have created a truly leading product that is both effective and healthy. 

This product is only created on a limited basis and is only exclusivly sold direct. Another Incredible innovation in energy products. 

This product is now in stock.  Please allow 7 to 14 days for delivery.

Each bottle contains 1oz

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